Sveta's Skin & Body Therapy
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...truly the best experience I've had in a spa in 20 years! Very impressed with the cleanliness, level of professionlism & the staff as a whole. I am 2.5 hrs way...but will continue to return because I had such a good experience. Thank you all! ~ Jennifer Rodgers
One of the best massages I have ever had and I receive them quite often. Will definitely return next time I am in town. ~ David
You were superb! Many thanks. ~ M.J. McGrade
Everything was great! Thank you so much. ~ TY
I was very satisfied with the pedicure that I received from Sherry. She made me feel very comfortable since this was my first pedicure. Thank you. ~ Larry
My son, David, and I had a very good experience at your Spa and would certainly recommend it to family & friends. ~ Graham
Everything was great. I plan on making an appointment for a wax and purchasing new make up from you. I bought a skin care starter set and really like the product. Thanks so much. I will be back very soon. ~ Steph
It was very nice, I had never had such treatment! I would like to have a massage like that twice a month, for medical reasons, I have poor circulation, but Susan really helped me feel good... Sherry did a fantastic job on my pedicure... Thanks again for the "royal treatment"! ~ Jan Penhorwood
...we highly enjoyed our couple's massage last Saturday. It was definitely the best massage I have had and I plan to return in the future. ~ Ashlee Brundage
We enjoyed the entire experience. My husband had been a little apprehensive, but really felt relaxed and I"m sure he'd like to do it again. I wasn't sure what to expect with the Stone massage, but it was really wonderful. We would rate our experience as excellent. ~ Linda Stowe
It was a great way to spend part of my birthday. The woman (Sherry) who did my nails suggested the lacquer and its awesome. Everyone was so friendly and I love coming there! ~ Paula
Your massage therapist (Amanda Thome) did a tremendous job. It was by far the best experience I have had with massage therapy. She was very professional and very good at what she does. She took the time to work out the problem areas and made sure that they were taken care of before moving on to the next area. ~ John Swinford
I was left speechless and amazed, as she knew exactly where to go and what to do. I wish it was a two hour session instead of one! ~ Don Diego
Wanted to THANK You (Sveta) for your magical touch, your wonderful presence, the great conversation and the whole experience with you... and your wonderful spa. ~ Tom Jacobs, Drexel, MO
Layne and I both enjoyed our time at Svetas and look forward to our next visit. We have already hinted to my husband that we enjoyed it very much and gift certificates for the holidays would be appreciated! ~ Debbi Stone
Stephanie was FANTASTIC!!! Next time I visit Wichita, I will be back! ~ Carole
Everything was great. I will be back and will recommend you. ~ Heather Jantz
Everything was wonderful... I can't think of anything I would have asked for differently. Everyone was very courteous and friendly and I enjoyed the conversations. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Sveta's on Saturday afternoon. ~ Jacqueline Bujanda
My facial was fabulous!!!! I love Yukari. She is so sweet. I have been using the products and so far I am liking them. I pre booked for next month so see you then!!!!! ~ Julie
I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to another appointment sometime. Sherry did a wonderful job!!! ~ Jill Nelson
I haven't stopped telling everyone about the great experience I had. My skin will never be the same, thanks to Jessica. ~ Pat Sheets

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